4-week training program.
One-on-one sessions.
Held at selected pet stores around Indianapolis – calls will need to be made to retailers around the city where VBF Trainers can meet individuals and family members to conduct 30 minute training sessions.
Training will focus on the AKC Canine Good Citizen Exam (Participants will be given the option of enrolling in a test once training is complete).
Training will not qualify dogs as service animals. Training will focus on creating well-behaved pets.
Some problem solving such as jumping, house training and frantic or anxious behavior may be addressed.
Training will not address aggressiveness.
Training sessions will occur weekly on a designated date and time which may move based on mutual calendars of the trainer and the client.

Client Agreement Statement:

Missing a lesson without a prior call will result in suspension of the program
Rescheduling in advance of scheduled lessons is appreciated and expected
The application fee of $25 (4 weeks) will be refunded once the client has completed course.

If the client is a no-show with no prior contact, the sessions will end.
The client will forfeit the application fee.